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Banner: Geetha Arts
Cast: Allu Arjun, Tamannaah
Bhatia, Prakash Raj and others
Music: M.M.Keeravani
Cinematography: Ravi Varman
Story: Chinni Krishna
Producer: Allu Aravind
Director: V.V.Vinayak
Some movies are awaited like
the first rains of the season. Few
get added acclamation and the
colors of few fades away with
time. All I have to say is, that I
have come back with the gist of
yet another one for which you
kept counting on. Wait! I am not
providing you with any
promised land neither I am
talking about a thing with
feathers but just trying to put
the ‘screen’ language down on
the paper. So let’s go for it…
Directors always ask ‘Allu Arjun’
to give a riveting performance.
And guess what? He inundates
the characterization given, with
utmost perfection and
impeccability. He sparkles and
proves yet again that he is not
merely an excellent dancer and a
great looker but a superb
performer as well. Be it his fight
sequences or his polished style,
the hard-work made is
inescapable on screen. Now let
me have the pleasure to talk
about the ravishing and flawless
beauty, Tamannah. She stays as
one of the main highlights of the
film by providing the much-
needed act. Her cute smiles and
enticing expressions will make
you fall in love with her. But
sometimes you feel that such
broadcasting outfits were not
necessary as‘Badrinath’ is a holy
place. Prakash Raj as Allu Arjun’s
guru proves himself to be a
seasoned actor. Tanikella Bharani
gives an‘ok’ performance while
Brahmanandam’s entry is
hilarious. Kelly Dorge provides a
similar kind of an act as in‘Don’
reminding us of the same old
villain in suit and glasses. Other
artists like Dharmavarapu
Subramanyam and Geetha Singh
are decent enough.
The film is embellished with
stunning choreography, opulent
sets, trendy outfits and
outstanding visuals. The music
score ranges from the upbeat to
the mesmerizing, offering a wide
variety to the viewers. Every
frame has been decked up
giving a grandeur look.
Cinematographer gets the
highest marks for rendering
awe-inspiring services. Fights by
Peter Hains are just fantastic and
worth mentioning but the leads
for the fights are not persuasive.
Well, the blemish of the
enterprise is the presentation of
action on continuous film, i.e
screenplay. The proceeding in
the first half moves at a snail’s
pace which is little disturbing. VV
Vinayak attempted a varied
concept but should have taken
care of the execution part.
Allu Arjun’s performance and his
dance numbers
Brahmanandam’s episode
Interval bang
Production Values
First half
Copied scenes
Excessive violence
Repeated comedy
Movie starts on an interesting
note and the titles in the
beginning reminds us of
‘Magadheera’. But the
acceleration in the first half has
not been given the needed push.
The graph falls down right with
the initial reels, letting every
effort fall in vain. Inessential
violence sequences in the pre-
interval portions get on to your
nerves. The only person who
comes to the rescue of the film is
Allu Arjun and his role provides
him ample opportunity to prove
his star power and he does it
with remarkable ease. Director
VV Vinayak tried to make it an
entertainer with an eye at the
masses but he barely succeeds in
doing so. Audiences saunter into
the auditorium expecting a lot
but they come out of it, with
unsatisfied feeling for sure. The
lady lead of the film has been
put up more for a glamour show.
One cannot expect the lady to
wear such kind of clothes at a
holy place like ‘Badrinath’. The
promos prior to release sent the
signals to the audience about it
being a power-packed
entertainer but after watching
the film, viewers will surely be
disappointed. The comedy
sequences between
Brahmanandam, MS Narayana,
Dharmavarapu Subramaniyam
and Geetha Singh are similar to
that of‘Tenali’ one in the film
‘Indra’. Dialogues are decent
enough but the repeated act
never gives a thrilling
experience. Such scripts need a
taut screenplay and engrossing
storyline but‘Badrinath’
completely fails in the endeavor.
Director’s efforts to attempt a
different concept can be
applauded but he should have
also known to execute it well. On
the whole,‘Badrinath’ flunks in
holding the attention of the
people and purely cause
displeasure to them at a great
extent just because the
expectations were set high.
Allu Arjun contributes a lot but
his hard-work will not help in
gaining accolades for the film.
VV Vinayak surely tried his luck
on a different kind of biography
but should have poured in, more
efforts to make it look
commendable. Most of the
scenes were copied and such
replicas fail to provide the
proper concoction of excitement
and entertainment to the people.

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