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Ram Gopal Varma has titled his latest film starring Mahie Gill, Deepak
Dobriyal and Ajay Gehl as Idi Prema Katha Kadhu.
The film is based on 2008 case of Kannada actress Maria Susairaj, who
along with her naval officer lover murdered her former
lover Neeraj Grover, cut his body into pieces and dumped it into a suitcase.

RGV says, "Though we have seen many horrible
events in life, the murder by an upcoming Kannada actress
Maria Susairaj in Mumbai is the most horrific one I have ever seen. I
collected the details about the case from the victim's friends,
relatives and the cops, Lawyers, investigators etc. I chose this title
as there is an unbelievable love story behind this horrific murder."

"It is Love that made them to take this
extreme step of murdering her former lover and cut the dead body into
There is also one dangerous episode in the story and this made me to
choose the title as Idi Prema Katha Kadhu," informed RGV.

Varma further informed that weak hearted
persons should stay away from this film.

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