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Cast:  Navadeep, Panchi Bora, Rajeev
Music Director:
Producer: Nimmagadda Venugopal
Director: Ravi Charan Meripo
After Allu Arjun’s Arya 2 released in 2009, Navdeep has nothing to quote as a decent work that he attempted in the next three releases including the latest offeing Mugguru, which only could bring few laughs. And now, he is coming up with a triangle youthful love story in Aakasame Haddu. Well, the proved actor is evidently eager for a hit and this reflects on his every attempt. For now, let’s evaluate his recent offering.
Navdeep outshines yet again with his dialogue delivery, expressions and acting. His funny sides go down well the audiences. This time too, he comes up with another guy-next-door character and revels in it. Rajiv Saluri plays the role of the protagonist in the flick. He is impressive with good moves and performance. But then, he needs to get groomed since he looks immature to enact the main role. Though he is not a ‘hero’ material, he fitted into the character with ease
A television artiste, Panchi Borah makes her debut as female lead. She is good-looking and does a mediocre show. Her future as a heroine is dim. Bhanuchander as Rajiv’s father is too good to watch. The other artistes like Nassar, Rao Ramesh and Suman Shetty do justice to their respective roles.
Cinematography is virtuous, while Anand’s music is delightful to ears. In fact, it comes as a huge asset to the movie. The background music is exceptionally composed, despite it bearing resemblances to Yuvan Shanka Raja’s Naa Peru Shiva. The story is quite realistic and the screenplay is good in parts. Editing is run-of-the-mill kind. Debutante Ravi Charan’s direction is commendable for the wonders he created in such a small movie released in the recent times.
Realistic approach
Background score
Running time
Slow-paced narration
Graph of the film
The Tollywood has witnessed a slew of small-budget releases this year, but hardly any hit the bull’s eye. In the context, Aakasame Haddu occurs as a sincere effort. The movie derives inspiration from the real-life incidents of youths and hence they find it close to their heart. The story is routine, but different treatment worked wonders for it. The graph of the movie nevertheless is inconsistent. Musical compositions of Mantra fame Anand are huge plus. The re-recording is just out of the world. Set against college backdrop, it has a message as well to put across, but flawlessly. Navdeep proves his timing and sense of humor. He is seen portraying such a meaningful and worthy role after a long time. I shall rate it the second best after Chandamama. The surprises in the plot are shown convincingly keeping in mind the public’s tastes.
A sincere and praise-worthy attempt of it is, the youngsters instantly get connected to the flick. The narrative did have ups and downs every now and then, but it goes in a smooth pace. The film isn’t a commercial one wholly, but appeals to those who think with heart and is sure to put up a good show in the market. It has absolutely no boring elements. Made with good intention, it is very real in the approach. The success depends on the public, however.
Aakasame Hadduis a sincere effort with a point to convey!
Akasame Haddu Movie Rating: 2.75/5
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