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Movie : Dookudu
Cast : Mahesh Babu, Samantha, Prakash Raj, Dr Brahmanandam, Kota Srinivas Rao, Sonu Sood, Shayaji Shinde, etc.
Banner : 14 Reels Entertainments
Story: Gopi Mohan
Camera: K V Guhan
Editing: M R Varma
Co-producer: Ramesh Babu
Presenter: Krishna Productions Pvt Ltd.
Music Director : S Thaman
Producer : Achanta Gopichand, Achanta Ram & Anil Sunkara
Director : Sreenu Vaitla
Putting an end to the year-long waits of the public, one of the big-budget and highly-anticipated releases of the season, Dookudu finally saw the light after jumping all the hurdles. Charming Prince Mahesh Babu is seemingly looking daring and dashing. Sexy Samantha is no appearing less than an angel, thus mesmerizing the youths. Srinu Vaitla’s success rate and promising hilarity are pulling crowds to theatres. The host of comedians and supporting actors are serving as drawing factors too.
The show-stealer, Mahesh, is back to sweep you off the floor. And, he looks dashingly amazing and daringly fresh as Ajay. His comedy timing is convincingly extraordinary. Telangana accent he splashed in few scenes is awesome. This is definitely one of the best performances, with respect to comedy timing, that the Prince has delivered. His dancing moves too improved and the fights are mind-blowing. To put in a sentence, the whole film is a one-man show of Mahesh Babu.
Samantha is gorgeous in her outfits and hairstyles. She decently fits into her role of Prasanthi, the love interest of Ajay. She isn’t hot to define, but delightful to watch. The dubbing suited her well and the lady is good on the whole. However, she has nothing much to do in the first-half what with Mahesh dominating all through.
Brahmanandam plays an awe-inspiring character with negative shades. Especially, his SMS request is splendid and so his comedy sense. He is at his usual best.  MS Narayan is just awesome…his show reel in the film is a big asset for the second-half. His is spoof of Magadheera, Simha, Robot and Yamadonga. No one else other than MS would have carried out the comedy so well.
Vennela Kishore leaves an impression every time he appears on screen. Nassar is appropriate as Samantha’s father. His dubbing sounds weird but he gives out an upright show.Prakash Raj as Mahesh’s father is fitting and not great though. He indeed looked as if artificial at times. Master Bharath and Dharmavarapu are decent and Sonia as Samantha’s friend is fitting. Parvati Melton is sizzling hot in the peppy item song.
Mahesh is the biggest asset for the whole act. Vailta ensured the actor carries off the responsibility of the film safely and keeping the fan-base he has in mind. Mahesh’s dialogues in Telanga accent appeared to be force-fitted though they’re fun. Thaman helped a lot in elevating many scenes with his loud background score. The music of course is a treat to the fans. The plot revolves around making fun of character like that in Vaitla’s earlier works. MS Narayana sizzles in the second act with his show reel and is a hit with the audience. Brahmanandam’s SMS request is mind-blowing. In brief, slapstick is a big strength for the movie and so is Mahesh Babu.
KV Guhan’s cinematography is a true asset for the film. He weaves magic with his photography and ensures that every frame looks like a canvas – colorful and rich. Thaman’s music is foot-tapping and renders tunes that are rage for the front-benchers. All the songs are picturized aesthetically. Background music exciting mostly. The story line is run-of-mill and a mix of Pokiri, King and Dubai Seenu. Despite this, Srinu Vaitla gave a lift to the plot with his direction. He handled Mahesh so beautifully and gave him a new dimension through characterization. Screenplay is fine, but slow in many parts during the first hour and the graph has ups and downs occasionally. The humor saves the film in a big way. Dialogues are first-rate and one of the highlights for the flick. Fights are first-class too.
Mahesh Babu
Music & Background scor
Bhrami’s SMS request
MS Narayana show reel & KV Guhan’s camera work
Poovai Poovai & Dethadi songs & Parvati Melton’s item number
Same old story and Screenplay
Samantha and Prakash Raj’s character
Dragged story and conked out emotional scenes
Dookudu has all the obligatory ingredients to make a sumptuous recipe. Mahesh draws whistles from every individual for shedding his inhibitions. Though it’s the same old confusing comedy wherein characters are made fools, especially Prakash Raj, Srinu Vaitla proved again that comedy is his strength, but surprisingly, Mahesh too emerges as his strong suit in it. The movie has the quintessential Vaitla scenes like humor over booze and et al. Thaman’s tunes are pleasant. Father-son sentiment didn’t work out as expected. Boasting of a routine story, the flick might do a decent job at the box-offce for, there are no major releases till Dasara. The admirers of prince will enjoy though, watch it with no much expectation.
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