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Movie : Premakhaidi
Banner : Lakshmi Ganapathi Films & LG Productions
Cast : Vidarth, Amala Paul, Sethu, Thambi Ramaiah, Susan George, Sewalai, Manroadu Manickam
Music Director : D Imman
Cinematography : Sukumar
Producer : Subramanyam B & Rupresh Y
Director :  Prabhu Solomon
This year, the Telugu viewers have been treated to slew of Tamil-Telugu dubbed films, which indeed made a decent run in the market when pitched against straight flicks. Joining the band is Permakhaidi, original being Mynaa released in 2010. A dream for director Prabhu Solomon, which he realized after 17 years, this ideal, romantic film is said to have intrigued the likes of Kamal Hassan and Udhayanidhi Stalin. Here unfolding the dream for you…
Hero Vidarth gets into the skin of his character, which demands him to portray the insanity in love. He marvelously depicts the intense of his feelings for his love interest (Amala Paul), though they appear raw. His rustic look comes handy in establishing the role. Amala Paul is extraordinary as Mynaa. She is so natural that she pulls off the character with ease. The lead pair is deglamorized in order to make the viewers focus on their performance and concentrate on plot. Sethu is lovely and does his best as a village cop. The rest of characters like Thambi Ramaiah and Susan George are too loud for the Telugu audience.
Unseen on celluloid till date, the lavish locations in and surrounding the interior village are so aesthetically captured by cameraman Sukumar that his work served as soul to the flick. Hence, cinematography gets 100 out of 100. Even digital intermediate is implausible and deserves praises. Imman’s music and background score are simply fabulous. It added depth to the scenes. Screenplay is supportable. Dialogues are good at times. The storyline bears a resemblance to other love stories like Premisthe, but is enjoyable. Prabhu Solomon’s direction is no new. Had the tempo been maintained throughout the movie, it would have come out better.
Background score
Performances by lead actors
Predictable screenplay
Conventional ending
Cragged climax
Excessive Tamil nativity
Too loud first-half
Irritating dubbing for character artistes
Definitely, Premakhaidi is a passionate romantic story that leaves an impression while we leave the theatre. It’s another matter that the whole plot is easily guessable, but what makes the audience sit is the narration. The first hour is filled with too much of Tamil nativity and gross scenes that might not go down well with the public. Well, it appeals only to those who are accustomed to watching Kollywood works.
The second-half has more of journey scenes. Though movies based on expedition didn’t impress the trade pundits till date, this one could be an exception. For, it makes an impact on us. The second hour too is predictable, but interesting to watch. There are a couple of lags apart from lengthy climax. Director Prabhu Solomon however ensured that the actors communicate via gripping emotions. But then, the pessimistic end to the plot like other Tamil films comes as a bolt, even if it is anticipated. One needs to muster up one’s courage to watch the climax since it’s splashed with violence.
The movie neither can be rated as a great effort nor a pathetic one. It’s just that it caters to cult viewers who have a penchant for intense and moving love stories. While the background music lent a supportive role to the script in making an impact on the minds of the public, raucous scenes and over-dose of Tamil nativity were deterrents. Furthermore, foreseeable screenplay and negative ending did spoil the feel.
Review Premakhaidi Rating:2.5/5
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