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Banner: Satya Sai Arts
Casting: Sneha Ullal, Allari Naresh
Music: Vasant
Producer: KK Radha Mohan
Direction: Sitarama Raju
The ‘king of comedy’ is back to entertain one and all with his yet another memorable role. Undoubtedly, Allari Naresh is a producer’s actor and a minimum-guarantee hero, besides being a treat to viewers. Further, he is riding the success wave this year even as his last releases Aha Naa Pellanta and Seematapakaiearned good returns from the box-office. And then, he is pairing with sultry Sneha Ullal for the first time, who is famous for her skin show and sensuous romance.
Naresh leaves us groping for words to describe his hilarious act. He truly deserves the moniker – the ‘Gen-Y Rajendra Prasad’. Now running for touching the 40-mark as regards the number of films, the actor is synonymous with great comic timing and proven performance. This has markets expanding widely for him even in Kollywood. In Madathakaja, he puts up a great show with awesome dialogue delivery and is unmatchable. Sneha Ullal looks sizzling hot. A lookalike of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, she is known to woo the public and spreads out glamour like anything. However, she needs to improve on acting, essential ingredient to survive in the industry.
Subbaraju tried his hands at comedy this time and carried off his role with care. He does justice to the character. But then, I would want him to see as an angry man more than a comedian since he is tremendous portraying negative shades. Ahuti Prasad, Prakash Reddy, Chalapathi Rao and Jeeva did what they are told to. In all, everyone is passable.
Cinematography is decent to consider. Songs are shot unusually well and sound tuneful when pitched against Naresh’s others movies. Bangkok is captured with charisma. Vasant’s music sense needs to be applauded and the album can be rated the best after Seematapakai. Background score is agreeable. Story is not new though and imbibes confusion comedy like Kandireega and Dookudu. Guess it’s in vogue now. But then, screenplay does magic irrespective of the fact that it draws similarities with Naresh’s other works. Dialogues are a treat and big asset for the flick. Direction is expected yet handled decently.
Naresh, Jayaprakash Reddy and Dharmavarapu’s comedy
Screenplay, Dialogues and Comic narration
Spoofs by Ali
Routine story
Lack of logic
Few boring moments in first and second halves
Whole movie is like a spoof
Lengthy climax
Every release of Allari Naresh guarantees the pre-requisite ingredients needed for a family to come down to theatres. They are all embraced by universal audiences and Madathakaja falls in the same category. He is clever enough to take up only those scripts that help him sustain his track record. Well, it’s true that he often shines in performance-oriented roles as well that fetch him awards. And this time, the actor depended on confusion comedy, which only brought victory to the makers. Given the budget of the flick, the theme goes well. Dialogues are a rage in this recent offering and a real plus-point too. Jayaprakash Reddy’s accent gave boost to the dialogues. His punches are added advantage. The other comedians are the other heroes along with Naresh.
Allari Naresh’s films are meant to be watched without expecting logic and this is no exception. When all the sensibilities and logics are put aside, the funny conversations that the film owns make it a best pastime to pursue. The B and C centres are sure to go crazy for the actor. It certainly doesn’t disappoint you and in fact establishes Naresh as a safe hero for small time producers time and again. Have fun!
Madatha Kaja Movie Rating: 3/5
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