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Cast: Nagarjuna,sneha
Director: Vijayendra Prasad
Producer: Nagarjuna Akkineni
Music: MM Keeravani
Story/Writer: Vijayendra Prasad
Rating: 3.25/5
Rajanna is a periodic drama based on the life story of Suddala Hanumanthu, one of the leaders of Telangana Rebellion. Nagarjuna is playing the lead role as Rajanna in this film and it narrates the story of a 10 year old girl named Mallamma (Baby Annie), who seeks inspiration from her father’s life to fight the atrocities of the feudal landlords in her village. Shweta Menon is playing lady villain.
Nagarjuna : Vijayendra Prasad had narrated this story to many heros but they have refused it due to very less time space. Nagarjuna should be commended for accepting a role which has very little time space.His performance as Rajanna is good. He worked hard on dialogue delivery and expression.
Annie : Outstanding is the only word to describe her.She has the most screen presence than any other artist in the movie and She carried entire movie on her shoulders.A Very matured performance from a kid.
Sneha : Sneha is good in the brief role.
Rest of them are okay.
Technicalities :
Music : MM Keeravani is the best available Music director who can perfectly render back ground music in tune with the emotions. He delivered his career best performance.
Editing : Editing is good n crispy.
Cinematography: Good
Story-Screenplay and direction : Story is wafer thin but the scenes are powerful and were executed well. Screenplay is gripping. Diretion is flawless. Action sequences directed by Rajamouli will pull masses repeatedly.
Final Word:
Rajanna even though with minor flaws, is a commendable effort. The movie is an emotional journey through out the 2 hour 18 minutes movie. Watch it!
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