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Who said full-course meal means a potpourri of recipes? It is not a chow chow mixture either. It can even be a single recipe that has a blend of all tastes.
Making a movie in a particular genre might not be a very difficult task – You see RGV has fixed himself in a realistic faction genre and he does it with such ease and √©lan. He has finished filming of his next movie Rowdy in just 18 days. That’s his expertise in the genre. But when it comes to making it a mixed genre movie, the expertise called for is even more. Because it is never going to be easy to have the charm of each of the genres reflect in a single movie! Whether Chaitanya Dantuluri succeeded in Basanthi that is a mixture of genres? Read ahead!
Arjun (Raja Gautham) is a happy-go-lucky young man studying in Basanti College. Goutham takes life as it comes and has no clarity on what to do or what he wants to become later! He stumbles upon Roshni (Alisha) at a friend’s sister’s wedding and falls in love with her instantly! The two will become friends, but Roshni decides to leave to London for higher studies! Gautham goes to the airport to reveal his love for her. At this time, group of terrorists take charge of Basanti College and captures some students including Roshni!
Why did Roshni go to her college when she was supposed to go to airport and what did Arjun do to salvage his lady love and college form the rest of the movie!
Goutham did an ok job as Arjun, but he failed to show feelings in his face and there is no spark in his eyes. And we are not even comparing him with his dad! And sadly the lead girl Alisha ran the entire show with about a couple of expressions and nothing more. Randheer did a good job as Arjun’s friend! And the villain role actor was not a good cast. Tanikella and Shiyaji justified their roles.
Technical Values:
Movie has exuded abundant technical values and Anil Bhandari’s work with his camera has been excellent to say the least and Mani Sharma’s tunes sounded fresh and good after long time. Editing was good, but it doesn’t needs to have Marthand Venkatesh for it! Some of the dialogues were intense and powerful, but that is it about Basanti!
Analysis :
Any director should have uniqueness whether it is narration or screenplay or dialogues, the uniqueness should be felt in all these departments. Chaitanya has taken an old story so he should have had a great screenplay to run the old story, but he failed in that. The connectivity among various scenes is totally missing . And Basanti can’t fit in as an action movie or a thriller. The scheme no doubt is different but just when the audience starts feeling it is good there would be a spoiler to let them down!
The screenplay is dragging in the first half and second half is too predictable! And in the end this goes to elevate heroism that one finds it silly and unnecessary! A terrorist who is expert bomb maker wont have a clue about jammer? Silly, no? It could have been very novel especially the rescue and Chaitanya failed badly in these! And the less talked the better about the love scenes between Arjun and Roshni! In all Basanti is director’s failure!
Positives :
Bottomline: Basanti? Take a break, people!
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