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Bhimavaram Bullodu Movie Reviewlm review || Bhimavaram Bullodu Review || Movie Review Bhimavaram Bullodu ||
Cast: Sunil, Esther, Posani, Prithvi and others
Director: A. Uday Shankar
Producer: D. Suresh Babu
Music: Anup Rubens
Release date: 27-02-14
Novelty and fresh scripts are the need of the hour; we cannot feed the audience with the same rotten story lines repeatedly. However, director Uday Shankar seems to have mastered the art for presenting old wine in a new bottle with Bhimavaram Bullodu. With changing times, cinema too undergoes a gradual transition but the director seems to be stuck in a time warp. It looks like Uday Shankar has taken a few clues from old films and merged into one-Bhimavaram Bullodu, which is nothing but a ‘horrible remix film’, should we say?
A village guy Rambabu (Sunil) is a paranoid, and he is erroneously suspected to be suffering from brain tumor by a doctor (Ahuthi Prasad) who assures him only ten days of survival. Sunil believes for the fact that noble men do good deeds before they die, and he heads to the city to accomplish his mission. The Bullodu beats up the goons in the city and accidentally meets Nandini (Esther) who has a past. But he is unable to marry her because he is going to die soon but even after he gets to know of the wrong diagnosis he is still unable to marry his girl. Whether the two marry or not forms the rest of the flimsy story.
It feels really sad to see Sunil with absolutely no improvement in his expressions since the time he debuted as a hero. The same old dialogues, relentless fillings and the same old faces are simply frustrating. The audience seems to be over fed with such crappy repetitions. The films’ heroine Esther’ performance was limited to very few dialogues and a couple of songs may be for the greater good of the film. However, we have to mention that a few sequences featuring Prithivi are good but he cannot be burdened to carry off the entire film! The rest of the film’s cast have delivered average performances.

Technical :
The filmmakers have tried hard to cover-up the film’s low budget by projecting it to be a high-budget film; most parts of the film have been shot in the studios! Anup Ruben’s seems to have a collection of tunes he had composed during the early stage of his career and looks like he has used the same for BB. Very similar to the film’s content the songs too stink to say the least! Santosh Ray’s photography has failed to elevate the film’s visual experience. The dialogues by Sridhar seem to be the only saving grace of the film.
Analysis :
Up-gradation in any craft or creative fields is necessary and most of the times a natural progression but it does not mean to copy or reproduce the same product. Bhimavaram Bullodu does not have anything new to offer, it is simply a waste of time, money and effort. Director Uday Shankar is too inspired the old Telugu films that he has scripted out BB after watching many of the old flicks. We are reminded of Allari Naresh’s Sudigadu in many parts of the film, and that leaves us nothing more to say of BB.
Rating: 2.25/5
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