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This could come as shocking news to all! A popular actress who has acted in many Tollywood movies and even Kollywood movies has been finding her ground in Bollywood too. But leave aside the competition the actress might be facing to have her ground firmed her hurdle comes in the form of a light boy.
The actress is in deep trouble inflicted by a lesser known light boy who recorded her private video and has been blackmailing the actress that he would release it to media and web.
The news is spreading like wild fire in the Bollywood film circles and our readers could easily guess who the actress in question is. A private video of the actress along with a Bollywood director has been recorded by the unit member without their knowledge.
It seems the notorious light boy has sent a mail to the actress and director with some pictures and is demanding huge ransom to not upload them to the web. Now question remains if the duo will give in to the unreasonable demands of the light boy or ignore. But if they ignore very soon you will see them flash on every other website! No prizes for guessing the duo in question here!
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