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Nani Paisa Movie Review,Paisa Movie Review ,Nani Paisa Review
Every filmmaker has his/her own style of storytelling, and this quality pivots how the audience gravitate and eventually become fans of them. Krishna Vamsi is one of those unique directors. He teamed up with budding actor Nani for ‘Paisa’ and it has been lying in canes long time and finally took a litmus test today. Let’s see whether it accumulates Paisa at box-office or not.
Prakash (Nani) is local young lad in old city, with a dream to go to Dubai to earn money. A Muslim girl Noor (Catherine) and Prakash likes each other. In the process of interrupting Noor’s marriage with a Dubai sheik, Prakash gets huge money. Where the money came from? Where would Prakash’s journey leads? – forms rest of the story.
Actors Performance:
Nani known for his safely label as ‘the boy next door’, played as quintessential action hero. He is the life and soul for this film. He has excelled in every department and few expressions of his in certain scenes are really absorbing.
Catherine plays a sublime introvert Muslim girl. She is misfit for this role. Her makeup was a problem, it looked more on her dusky complexion. In terms of performance, she was up to the mark.
Siddhika Sharma performance was okay. One cannot take his eyes off her toned thighs and oomph factor in Miyya Miyaa song.
Vetaran actor Charan Raj got a meaty role. He is standard.
Raja Ravindra, Subramanyam Karra and others are standard.
As the title suggests, the film deals with the power of money and how the whole world revolves around it. It may not appeal to all kinds of audiences. Since the director remains loyal to the story and does not deviate from the main plot, he hasn’t put in too many commercial elements.
There are a few glitches in the storyline though. The film progresses in its own pace, but coming from a director like Krishna Vamsi, it is a bit disappointing. The subtle nuances and sensibilities that are associated with him are missing in Paisa. Since he has raised the bar for himself, one is let down by the loopholes in the script.
Few forced scenes:
 - Forced fight sequence in Red Light area
- Hero commits for one girl, next scene he flirts with another girl
- Over aggression of Protagonist in parts
There are few Krishna Vamsi signature scenes too.
Here are few:
 - Nani explaining his mates about One Lakh Crores
- Stop N Go episode involving Nani and his friend right after Nani finds the Money in car.
- Nani’s phone conversation with his friend about hiding the money, in Politician statues backdrop.
Overall film is watchable for effort Nani and Krishna Vamsi has put in, even though it’s a regular flick.
The film’s success will depend on how it is received in the B&C centers. It’s a case of wait and to how the audience will receive.
Cinetara Rating: 2.75/5
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