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Pawan is all over the place, and his ambition of joining politics is causing havoc in the media and filmy circles leading to huge speculations. The new development about Pawan’s political journey (which is yet to begin) is that the actor most likely will contest as an independent candidate for Lok Sabha.
However, analysts think that it is not a smart move by Pawan rather it is simply a waste of time because they are of the opinion that even if wins by a huge margin, he would fail to bring about any revolutionary change in the system.
One of the analysts was quoted saying that, “Pawan would sweep the polls and enter Lok Sabha as an independent MP and prove that voters are behind him but what he can do in the parliament is anybody’s guess. Pawan can just raise his voice during ‘question hour’ and put one or two questions pertaining to few problems in his constituency or other burning issues and get answers for it.”
The analyst also added, “But he can’t be a game-changer and determine policies of the ruling government and his protests will go unheard in the cacophony of 520-odd members.”
Considering the analysis made by political experts, maybe it is not the right time for Pawan to step into the field and it would be better if he builds a party comprising of good and qualified candidates, which can bring about some change if not a revolution.
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